James Ferraro is a true artist that has released some of the most fascinating, wrought, high-camp examples of 21st century pop music, combining a sincere adoration of American pop culture’s glammiest, hammiest moments, from soap opera punks to AM radio and a impressionistic, all-encompassing imagination. 

He starts as underground musician/composer/virtual atmospherist producing small runs of releases on, but not limited to: cassette, CD-R, and VHS with a wide variety of styles all representing different dreams of a demonic mind tower spanning from freak flesh bodybuilder atmospheres to ambient modern world/psych.

His 2011 work Far Side Virtual is often credited for helping to spark the development of the internet-based micro-genre vaporwave. 

Red Bull Music Academy described the concept of Ferraro's albums as regarding the "dark underbelly of masculine culture in the digital age." Most of Ferraro's records take place in dystopian environments, focusing on the consequences of consumerism. According to Ferraro, the consumerism concept of his albums came from his interest in "signs" and "symbols" and the fact that they lose their identity due to "excessive repetition." 

His works have been compared to theories of French sociologist Jean Baudrillard, who stated that only "symbols" and "signs" have destroyed any sort of real meaning and that human activity is "only a simulation of reality."