James Ferraro is a true artist that has released some of the most fascinating, wrought, high-camp examples of 21st century pop music, combining a sincere adoration of American pop culture’s glammiest, hammiest moments, from soap opera punks to AM radio and a impressionistic, all-encompassing imagination. 

He starts as underground musician/composer/virtual atmospherist producing small runs of releases on, but not limited to: cassette, CD-R, and VHS with a wide variety of styles all representing different dreams of a demonic mind tower spanning from freak flesh bodybuilder atmospheres to ambient modern world/psych.

His 2011 work Far Side Virtual is often credited for helping to spark the development of the internet-based micro-genre vaporwave. 

Ferraro is currently touring with his new show "Requiem for Recycled Earth"-based on his Mirai recording saga, which began in 2018 and ended in 2021-in which he plays using software he developed, called Dream Seed, accompanied by a new laser show. 

Also available for site-specific shows from February 2022.



Terminus, 2021 https://jjamesferraro.bandcamp.com
Neurogeist, 2020 https://jjamesferraro.bandcamp.com/album/neurogeist-2