TERRITORY: Worldwide

Spime.im is an artistic collective that aims to investigate, through transmedia projects, the aesthetics and the languages derived from the affirmation of digital reality.

Spime.im use technology, 3D art and electronic music to weave immersive audio-video experiences, which explore the
boundaries of identity, corporeity and perception, in a world where our virtual doppelgänger takes on an increasingly intense position, protagonist and all-encompassing.

ZERO is an A/V installation by the media art collective SPIME.IM .From fake identities to a Google image stream of consciousness, from bit to waste, from icons to brands, from breaking news to earth flyover back to raw nowadays’ pictures, Zero is a dimensional journey through humanity’s spectrum. Imagine the present as a point of no return. The end. An unstable trip into reality through a sequence ofimages. Waste is degradation of matter. In a sudden deflagration, the pixels that make up our universe begin to flake and mix with each other. Boundaries become indistinguishable. From micro to macro, from human habits to the paths of the stars, every element of reality that we perceive is minced and every small particle is part of a primordial digital soup. In the end, everything becomes compressed until it metamorphoses into a luminous nucleus and our eyes will be launched on an endless journey through infinite parallel dimensions.

A new beginning. ZERO.