With Lubomyr Melnyk, Spime.Im & Julia Kent.
It is the multimedia work conceived by Lubomyr Melnyk in collaboration with Spime.Im collective and Canadian cellist Julia Kent. A powerful immersive performance inspired by the impending environmental catastrophe that nevertheless reveals a final hope.
After a long period of solo composition, Melnyk combined his signature natural sound elements with Julia Kent’s electric and acoustic arrangements and the digital timbres of the SPIME.IM collective, integrated with virtual interactions.
The result is a longer piece with exquisite melodies and dramatic chaos mixed into a musical story, describing the eminent death of the world from misguided governments and industries, and ending with our hope for survival. It is passionate music, created with love and care.

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>We are working on a European tour from April 2022
>Live footage on request, get in touch