Creative Productions | Music Management and Booking | Cross-cultural Happenings

Basemental connects contemporary music with other artistic disciplines, unique locations, nature and heritage sites, monuments and buildings.


At Basemental we do cross-cultural happenings, creative productions, music management and booking as well as support forward-thinking artists in the creation of their performances and installations.

Our special attention goes to immersive technologies, including virtual reality, mixed reality, laser shows and other visually engaging experiences.

Basemental is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of its productions. We encourage artists and audiences to consider zero-waste practice and slow mobility via land or sea.

Our bespoke collaborations have been possible thanks to the support and trust of our partners and clients. Among them: Terraforma, Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi, Fondazione Prada, Set Up Palazzo Grassi, LEV Festival, the Barbican, Roma Europa FestivalMira Festival, Centro Culturale San Fedele, Superbudda Creative Collective, Forevergreen, PRYNodeRobot.