„Musique Infinie“, the duo project of Noémi Büchi and Manuel Oberholzer / Feldermelder, is rooted in a shared desire to intertwine two composing veins, and to merge them into a new, massive core. Their music uses simple motives, radically transforming them by expanding intricate structures and fantastic layerings. From this musical hybridization emerge pieces that lead into a paradoxical world, both disturbing and euphoric. Pieces that don’t give in to calculations and expectations, but progress through ruptures and repetitions. „Musique Infinie“ creates an art of resonance that echoes our world synchronically and diachronically. The richness of the compositions and their orchestral arrangement reflect like a mirror the density of the world with its violence, decadence, fragility, but also its power, ingenuity and beauty. The overcoming of genres with eclectic elements from classical music, jazz, film music and traditional music, complete the vertical plunge into this thickness. They strike musical reminiscences belonging to the collective memory that awaken unfamiliar connections. The musical universe of „Musique Infinie“ touches reality in its raw state and transforms it into a giant monster, which a less radical and more conformist music cannot give access to.