Noémi Büchi is a Swiss composer, creating forms of electronic symphonic maximalism that evoke
emotional and intellectual euphoria. Her music is defined by a delicate blend of electronic-orchestral
condensations and textural rhythms, both in a persistent and interminable variation. She strives for a combination of harmonic and dissonant sonorities, with a strong contemplative energy.

With her latest album ‘Does It Still Matter’, released in April 2024, Noémi completed her series of releases whose titles – ‘Matière’, ‘Matter’, and ‘Does It Still Matter’ – place the physicality of music in the center of attention. Büchi’s specific sound structures and aesthetic choices question the state of materiality in a world that is becoming more and more fluid and intangible. From ‘Matière’ to ‘Matter’, the artist subtly transferred from a focus on substance to questioning the enigmatic core of
being, passing from a noun to a verb, and from a single word to an inquiry. ‘Does It Still Matter’ weighs in on the importance of questioning. Her pieces juxtapose multi-layered analog synthesizer textures, crystal clear sounds and almost brutalistic noises, while they unfold in compositional structures akin to pop songs. Driven by an orchestra of myriad parts, her music creates transcendent intonations that resonate deeply with the listeners’ bodies. A daring blend of complexity and accessibility are molded into captivating sound sculptures that challenge and intrigue listeners alike. This last album is an immersive experience that invites listeners to contemplate the impermanence of our world and the enduring power of sound.